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Why Choose GMS as your Security Services Partner?

  • Why choose GMS as your Security Partner?
  • Well, we don’t settle for “good“
  • We aspire for excellence in every aspect of our security service
  • We strive for integrity
  • We cultivate trust
  • And we deliver on all

GMS provide an all embracing nationwide security service portfolio centrally facilitated from headquarters in the heart of the UK and we have positioned ourselves to be a unique specialised manned guarding provider.

All of our staff are trained and SIA Licensed, however away from these practical measures of performance we strive for more.

Our business ethos is where we recognise that our assets are our people, and as such we train, develop and reward to retain only the highest calibre of staff.

Where we have a hands on approachable directorate, with clients being allocated a designated director to oversee their account. Thereby this ensures a supreme service delivery with directorate regularly visiting sites to meet staff and having regular face to face meetings with clients.

We have an integrated support structure to facilitate our national customer network, ensuring a rapid response to any issues which arise. We promote a receptive management style, encouraging staff participation for idea generation ensuring an innovative approach to our clients needs.
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